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May 5, 2012

Looks like we're all alone.

I read about Stonehenge, I never really thought I’d actually see these pile of rock in real life, but here I was, staring up into them and thinking, man is it every windy here.

You can’t walk among the standing stones at Stonehenge anymore. All visitors are relegated to the periphery and made to walk the short pilgrimage around. Most of us are stuffed into our jackets, with the free(ish) audio guide tucked in near our heads and if you are lucky, a hood or beanie as well. I say free(ish) because the audio guide is free however, to get into the now gated rock community, you must pay £3 plus another £7.80 each to get inside. (You do get your £3 discounted off one ticket however). With the winds whipping against you, reminding you that you are in English territory, you closely listen to the history and folklore of the area. Why are there mounds of dirt around us? How did the rocks get here in the first place? Do people really think aliens have supplanted the rocks to this location? There really isn’t too much mystery regarding the rocks anymore. We know where they came from and probably how they were transported. The only real question remaining is why. And that is usually the age old question for most uncommon occurrences in our lives.
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In Luxembourg with my trusty Timbuk2 Roller bag

I’m heading to Europe for two months.  We’re going to be be living in Paris for a couple weeks and Sweden for a month, all the while taking multi-day trips during the weekend.  We’ll finish our trip with trekking through Ireland.  I’m already going to be taking your Checkpoint roller bag, your Q laptop backpack, and a custom Eula Messenger Bag I recently designed (dark grey on grey for a low profile effect).  I’m well familiar with your products and how awesome they are. And I’ve already provided plenty of feedback online and in person to your staff about what works and doesn’t. (The rollerbag’s bar is a little too low in profile as it catches on cobblestones and curbs and the shoe compartment should be inside the bag and not on the sleeve.  But you have a great balance ratio as my bag has never toppled over no matter how packed I have it and I LOVE the wheels).
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February 26, 2012

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