Spending yourself

March 29, 2013

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I was listening to this podcast on my way into work this morning and it got me thinking about how I’m spending my days.  We only get one of those Days. We don’t get it back. Sure this Day may look like other Day, but we don’t get a re-do on that same Day (unless you’ve got some time travel ability or something).

Often I forget about this fact, probably because I think I have so many.  And having a wasted day isn’t so bad, when it’s planned to be wasted.  But killing time, filling it with “make work’ projects, reading blog posts or watching TV for the sake of nothing better to do, that’s not a good way to spend a day.  I’m not saying every day has to be purposeful and filled with intent, but I think it’s important to check in and make sure time isn’t just flying by because of an unawareness.

I’m a pretty productive person and I have my slack days. However, after listening to this podcast, I realized I need to think more about how I’m spending my time and since it’s the only time I get to have, I should use it more wisely.

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