A Saturday spent RailsBridge and Ruby on Rails

March 23, 2013

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So I decided to join a Meetup for RailsBridge this weekend to hone up on my Ruby on Rails skills.  I’ve been programming in RoR for 2 years, but I know there is plenty for me to learn.

Here are a couple things I didn’t know about:

VariableName.methods – gives a list of methods for that variable.
For example if fruits is a variable which is an array, fruits.methods will list all the methods available.
I usually Google ApiDocks but this is handy in the irb.

Blocks are like Javascript’s anonymous methods. (Good reference for interview questions)

Resources in routes.rb set up the CRUD routes framework (shorthand)

There wasn’t anything new that blew me away or cleared up mud for me, but it was a beneficial way to spend the Saturday.

And of course, we all like resources:
https://www.ruby-toolbox.com/ – List of Gems you can use

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