The Focus Muscle

July 9, 2012

in It's Life

At home, I’m often overwhelmed by all the things I want or think I need to be doing. On vacation it’s so much simpler. I think I miss that the most. Not that there isn’t a lot to do while on vacation, visit Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, get gelato from shop across the river, find out tickets for the Louvre…, it’s just that it’s so much more focused on one single task- See and experience stuff. Simple right? At home it’s: write this blog while the thoughts are still clear in your head, but before that put load of laundry in after my shower (I was currently in the shower), don’t forget to clean up make-up brushes in sink, stretch out your shoulder before you forget and remember to do 20 other plus things as I see them. I do know this is my own fault. I have a proclivity to see something and want to take action on it. (I just went into the bathroom to throw away a q-tip and saw a silk plant on the floor and thought I should put the wooden stool under it instead of leaving it on the floor. Hmm I remember that place we stayed at with the fake and real plants and it looked pretty nice, maybe we should try something like that… Did I tell you the bathroom is 5 seconds from the desk where I’m writing this?)

I like to be engaged (although I’m pretty good at sitting infront of the tv and watching Hulu too) and I have many thoughts that steam roll through my head, I just need to work at focusing. Just as you can see with the style of this post, there are secondary thoughts that I put in brackets as they aren’t really part of the main flow, but triggered by it.

The problem is there is so much to focus on. But just like any muscle, I’ll have to work at it and make it stronger, this Focus Muscle. Prioritize, Focus and Complete. There will always be thoughts blasting through me, I just need work harder at it. I guess I’ll add that to the list as well, thankfully it’s a mental task which means I can work on it while doing something else.

Yes I know, I’m hopeless. 🙂

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