To the girl friends in my life.

March 4, 2012

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We rocked the stairs today.

I remember a time of cat fights and wondering if there would be any female I’d ever trust again. That was followed by a period where most of my friends were guys who helped my ego along by being attentive yet boundary abiding. I had a few female friends while in college and when I look back on it now, they were strong in their own rights, they nurtured our friendship and seemed to know who they were (altho I’m sure we were all trying to figure that out).

Now I don’t have many male friends where another wife or girlfriend (or my husband) is involved. I kinda miss that guy perspective, but then I think, I have Alec and he seems pretty centered and open in sharing it. I have plenty girl friends, each with their own strengths and personalities.

Today I was reminded on how awesome those friends are. These ladies didn’t do anything special other than be themselves. They remind me of the strength and persistence they each have. Some of these friends are mothers, trying to do the best by their child and yet retaining their own sense of self outside of Mommy. Others are advancing their careers by learning something new and doing the best they can. I’m surrounded again by strong women, who might not always think of themselves as strong. They are persistent without being bullish. They are opening, sharing, loving and encouraging.

Thank you to my girl friends. Thank you for reminding me of who I am and who I aspire to be.

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