Life gets busy. Or sometimes it’s not busy enough to share. Or maybe just writing for the sake of writing doesn’t seem to be enough of an incentive to turn off Doctor Who and turn on the laptop (to be honest, the laptop is always on, but maybe that’s another problem for another day).

Lately however, I’ve been going through some interesting thoughts, or at least I find them interesting enough that I would like to share them with you. My sporadic reader.

I’m a Web Developer. However I haven’t worked in over a year. It’s not because I finally achieved Start-Up Utopia and have sold off a business for millions of dollars. I had a baby. Well actually I had two. Twins. All I’ll say of them here is they are a boy and a girl and they are “incredibly freaking cute”. I put this in quotes not because it’s only a mother’s point of view. Strangers will stop us and tell us our kids are incredibly freaking cute. However, unless we are friends on Facebook or you attend the same Pilates class I go to, you won’t see them here. I have an honest perspective of the Digital Age, however I’ll do what I can to control who views these little bundles of joy.

But I’m not here to brag about my kids. I’m here to chronicle, hopefully less sporadically, my journal back to awesomeness. I’m a Ruby on Rails Engineer. I can be effective, however, right now I am not. Getting laid off at 4 months pregnant and taking 10 months to raise them has done nothing but lapse my skill set. Sure I could be reading up on the latest authentication gem, but honestly I’d rather be teaching my kids to walk.

Don’t get me wrong. I still love to geek out. I’ve been doing so the past few weeks by learning Swift via a Udemy course while sitting in the local library (kids are too distracting to do this from home). And I have great ideas on start-ups which I’d love to follow through with, both fitness related so if you are interested, contact me. But interviewing at a company right now is slightly annoying because I know the solution from a high level, but implementing it takes some time. And it might not be the most optimized solution, but to be honest, I’m in a bit of a bubble here.

So here I go, retraining myself in a field I thoroughly enjoy but haven’t found the right fit for yet. Because frankly, I’m being very picky as well. Who wants to do a long commute every day when there are much better ways to be spending one’s time? And this next job can’t just be “a job”, I’ve done that. My soul has been sucked and it didn’t feel good.

Time to work my ass off to find the best place to park it.

Spending yourself

March 29, 2013

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I was listening to this podcast on my way into work this morning and it got me thinking about how I’m spending my days.  We only get one of those Days. We don’t get it back. Sure this Day may look like other Day, but we don’t get a re-do on that same Day (unless you’ve got some time travel ability or something).

Often I forget about this fact, probably because I think I have so many.  And having a wasted day isn’t so bad, when it’s planned to be wasted.  But killing time, filling it with “make work’ projects, reading blog posts or watching TV for the sake of nothing better to do, that’s not a good way to spend a day.  I’m not saying every day has to be purposeful and filled with intent, but I think it’s important to check in and make sure time isn’t just flying by because of an unawareness.

I’m a pretty productive person and I have my slack days. However, after listening to this podcast, I realized I need to think more about how I’m spending my time and since it’s the only time I get to have, I should use it more wisely.

A Saturday spent RailsBridge and Ruby on Rails

March 23, 2013

So I decided to join a Meetup for RailsBridge this weekend to hone up on my Ruby on Rails skills.  I’ve been programming in RoR for 2 years, but I know there is plenty for me to learn. Here are a couple things I didn’t know about: VariableName.methods – gives a list of methods for […]

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Dealing with Disappointment.

March 23, 2013

I deal with disappoint a particular way every time. At first I’m gutted, wretched, tearing up and truly dejected. This varies in length, but usually it’s no longer than an hour, usually it’s only about 30 minutes or so.  During this time, I’m usually feeling pretty sorry for myself. I know in the back of […]

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Today’s Distraction

March 15, 2013

Videos I liked and watched today I love it when Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake get together. Young Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake Sing At Summer Camp   Billy Joel and Michael Polack Billy Joel still has an amazing voice and Michael Pollack had the guts to ask his idol to sing to his accompaniment.  […]

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Top Navigation from CoffeeScript

March 15, 2013

This was taken from the CoffeeScript online documentation page.  There were three treatments I enjoyed on this page as an example of good and thoughtful design.  All of which I think should be standard for most websites like this. 1. Nav is locked to the top of the page 2. Out of context text above […]

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The Focus Muscle

July 9, 2012

At home, I’m often overwhelmed by all the things I want or think I need to be doing. On vacation it’s so much simpler. I think I miss that the most. Not that there isn’t a lot to do while on vacation, visit Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, get gelato from shop across the river, find […]

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May 5, 2012

I read about Stonehenge, I never really thought I’d actually see these pile of rock in real life, but here I was, staring up into them and thinking, man is it every windy here. You can’t walk among the standing stones at Stonehenge anymore. All visitors are relegated to the periphery and made to walk […]

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To the girl friends in my life.

March 4, 2012

I remember a time of cat fights and wondering if there would be any female I’d ever trust again. That was followed by a period where most of my friends were guys who helped my ego along by being attentive yet boundary abiding. I had a few female friends while in college and when I […]

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Timbuk2 – You should really get me to test your luggage

March 2, 2012

I’m heading to Europe for two months.  We’re going to be be living in Paris for a couple weeks and Sweden for a month, all the while taking multi-day trips during the weekend.  We’ll finish our trip with trekking through Ireland.  I’m already going to be taking your Checkpoint roller bag, your Q laptop backpack, […]

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